Songan – My World’s End

Its funny how life turns out the way it is…

The year was 1992. I was in the final year of senior high school. It was term break, and my friend and I were really keen on going camping. My dad was out of town, so I went only with permission from my mom. Sorry Dad, now you know this secret from up there…Anyway, around ten of us went by car, and some with motorcycle…We didn’t know yet where we would camp, we just knew that it will be around Toya Bungkah. We knew the place because my high school always have inauguration for freshmen there…But, as we arrived there, we found that we needed permission to camp there…then we drove again and found another place nearby…a field by the lake…but, we weren’t allowed…so we passed Toya Bungkah through a very condensed village called Songan…I remembered I felt so strange as we passed that village. The narrow streets were surrounded by small houses, yet there were no fences between the houses! I think the center of the village lies around 1 kilometer stretch of that street! The faces look unfamiliar to us, not threatening but full of curiosity. It was totally beyond of what I have known at that time. As we passed the streets, the houses became scarcer replaced by lots of vegetables fields. Then we reached the end of the road. We parked our vehicles outside Pura Ulun Danu. This temple is very famous among Balinese. Perhaps, it is probably the main reason that people travel all the way here..I don’t know how, my friend manage to get permission for us to camp in one of an empty field, just by the lake. In the end we put our tent there. It was freezing cold during the night. The next morning, my friend hurried us to leave because apparently he saw something strange when he was on the watch the night before. He said it looks like a light crossing the hill across the lake. Most of us already imagined that it was some mystical creature…but, we never knew what it was. It could be a shooting stars..but we all realized that we have probably trespassed somebody elses property. So, we cut our camping short and head home. But, that one night camp remained in my memory until now…

The year was 2000, when my husband (then still my fiancée), took me to his home to meet my future mother and father in law. He already told me that he came from Songan. But, never did I imagine that his house was just 500 meters from where we camped in 1992!


This is a place that I call home now. Here, is my sanctuary… Where I can escape from all the burden of work for a while…Being here is like being at world’ end. Literally, because our humble home is surrounded by hills…About a few hundred meters in front of us is the lake…So we have got quite a view..





The weather in Songan is quite cold compared to Denpasar or Surabaya. The people in Songan mostly are farmers. They grow shallots, tomatoes, chillies, cabbages and different types of nuts.


Although we have got a decent road, but the infrastructure remains to the minimal. We only have 400KWH of electricity, so at nite we have to use it wisely.

Whenever I’m in Songan, I can appreciate all the little things that I often took for granted…


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