Highlight of 2014: Becoming an Event Organizer ^^

To me, the highlight of my year would be my new experience of becoming an event organizer!

Well, not professionally. Just got the responsibility to manage my campus anniversary 🙂 we called it Dies.

What an experience it has been. I really got to understand so many new things. Things that I never learned before. It was really like managing a big Project with so many people and stakeholders to please.

Sitting back and reflect on it now, I felt so relieved that its all over :)) It also makes me appreciate the work of a professional Event Organizer 😉

People and Resources

It all started in February when me first have to decide on the people who will run the entire project and each individual activities. It is a challenge in itself, because the structure becomes like matrix. The people involved very much have their own jobs to do in their working place and running the anniversary project is additional tasks for them. Eventually we end up with several key people who are willing to help out.

Theme and concept

The next milestone is theme and concept of this year anniversary. After obtaining the theme we must produce a logo as it will be put in many promotional channel. It is quite funny, the process to produce the logo. Since we are all from Computer Science department we enlisted the help from another colleague with design background. We thought he came up with a great design. But then many people comments about the design thinking that computer scientist created it 🤣


Once we got the themed figured out then we need to work hard to obtain the budget for the event. I am lucky that I managed to assemble a sponsorship team that work tirelessly to secure the budget. I learned a lot of things for this sponsorship. First we need the right contact. Second create an interesting proposal that has a clear benefit for the sponsors. Third we have to be quite persistent in negotiating. Never in a million years have I imagined I would be a person negotiating for something. I can never bargain in a market..but, thankfully we managed to score enough sponsors 👍😊

♦The Events

Finally, we have to determine what the events for the occasion. Some are pretty clear: an opening ceremony, sports competition, fun walking, senate assembly and studium generale for the d-day. But within the range of the opening till the closing ceremony there are range of options. Some suggesting fun bike, others suggest different things. Finally, we decided to add social events, alumni gathering and musical performance for the closing ceremony.

we decided to create small teams for each event..this is where complication start. Some of the team leader does not perform as expected. So in the end I must jumped in to help out. In sport events I have to came when some teams were involved in altercation😵 in fun walking I must deal with power sources. I also got a lot of protests when some people who usually got the costume for opening ceremony did not get it.

It really taught me one important thing. Choose the right person for the right job and make sure they are committed. I am thankful that even though some of the team leader do not perform as expected the team member were quite loyal and work tirelessly.

In the end, the opening ceremony was a success..the fun walking was a blast. The alumni gathering were memorable because it rained halfway through. And the musical performance was entertaining.

When finally the light turns off, I took a deep breath and thank God for the opportunity to learn all these new things. But I also realized that it might not be the best job for me.


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