Pause and Appreciate

Its been over a month now I am returning to my ordinary life as a lecturer. No longer juggling between preparing breakfast in the morning, then teaching and third-floor office at the rectorate building.

It was a real change and I really really feel like slowing down. I revisit some of the To-Do-List that have been put on hold for so long. First, a few weeks a go, I managed to clean up my office. I really am proud of myself to be able to sort and organize all the bits and pieces that I have “saved” for so long 😀

Then last week, I switched to one of the book case at home. It holds so many important documents including academic reports, transcripts and all the documents from work. Here in Indonesia we very much depend on documents, with official stamps of course! Even in this high tech era, we hold dearly to our paper documents, because it is the official one. Then if we need a copy, we must legalize them to the proper official.

Anyway, for so long, that part of the book case was over load. I used to misplaced some of that important stuffs. One time, I misplaced my Employee Card. I tried to look for it, but in vain. So, I went to HR department, and they said “You must find it, cause you will need it for your pension later”. Fiuhh, what an important card…I ended up tearing down the entire house. It took me almost two days to search for it. Thankfully, I found them.

But I was really “disappointed” at my self. I used to be quite organized. After all, I am an A blood type, which some theory said is the “perfectionists”. This kind of mistakes are a real bummer 😦

Yeah, really, its not easy, to be me haha!

Determined NOT to experience the same mistake again I then put all those important cards in one place. Then I dedicate, a single section of the bookcase to hold all my important stuffs. But I did not really have time to organize them. Did, I hear you say “Whaattt…?” or “Why…?”

After a while, it piled up. And now its the time to sort and organize them all. I spent almost a day getting through all those stuffs. Its really gratifying…because NOT Only I managed to make the documents looking clean and sorted, I also ended up walking down the memory lane and find some nice recollections.

Here are some of those weird but too-sweet-to-put-in-the-trash:

  • Scholarship slips

I remembered the joy that I felt the first time I received it. Then the relieve and joy of receiving this little slip every month in my locker 🙂

Scholarship Slip from Unott
Scholarship Slip from Unott
  • Bank Statements

Its really valuable because it actually record all the places that I lived during my stays in England. I threw away most of them, but I have the last two addresses.

Bank Statements, they actually send it even after I returned to Indonesia. Thanks Natwest :D
Bank Statements, they actually send it even after I returned to Indonesia. Thanks Natwest 😀
  • Payslip

For a while after my Ph.D I got the privilege to work as a Research Assistant at Nottingham University. It was actually my first job. So, from scholarship slips, it changed into payslip, but the joy of receiving them remains the same!

Payslip from Unott.
Payslip from Unott.

How did these stuffs made it to Indonesia? Although my husband protest about it, but I actually shipped them in a container 😀 They survived the trip all the way from England, so I guess I must keep them 🙂

They now sat happily at the bottom of the shelf, the sorted one!!

Sorted documents, imagine how they look before :D
Sorted documents, imagine how they look before 😀

3 thoughts on “Pause and Appreciate

  1. Payslip nya ndak berubah sampai jaman sekarang Bu haha…. Kalo saya dapet nya cuman dari jadi Teaching assistant: lab helper + marking. Bank kita juga sama 😀

    1. Waaa iya kah Shon…senangnya mendengar some things do not change 🙂 lab helper dan marking susah lhoo, mahasiswa sana kan super kritis 🙂 Kalo RA kerjaan saya studi literatur hehe

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