Bali Countryside

My long holiday is halfway through. I am still determined to blog more. Today I would like to talk about Balinese countryside.

Yes, Bali is known for its beautiful nature and unique culture. However, as more and more area in Bali transform with modernization, I often missed the old Balinese environment.

Thats why during holiday, I always try to bring our children to the countrside where some aspects remain untouched by modernization.

The other day we stayed at Villa Sabasanti located in a secluded area close by Saba Beach. In the morning, I took my girls for a walk. We wanted to go to the beach but we ended up taking a route into a farm.

Along the way we enjoyed the sceneries of Balinese countryside..

Corn field with Saba Beach in the background

In addition to coconut and banana trees, bamboos are the most essential tree for Balinese. It is used for ceremonial elements, as well as home utensils and handicraft.
I have read somewhere that bamboo may not be as big and strong as any other wood but their versatility is their strength.

Then there were also a lot of coconut trees. A typical sights in Balinese villages.

In addition to the usual coconut trees, there are also a special type of coconut..its a lot shorter with ivory skin and smaller fruit, hence Balinese called it Nyuh Gading.

After a while…we reached a field where local farmer leave their cows. My two girls were really excited especially seeing several calfs 😊

I went back to the villa feeling quite happy that some of Bali remains as it were before…


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