Feeding medicine to a toddler

If other mothers can do it, why can’t you?

A question that remains haunting me the past week. It really really got me thinking. Am I the only mother who can’t do it?

My second baby Hita has been ill and as all toddler refused strongly to drink her medicine. I have tried many ways. But still cant manage to get the medicine inside her. If I forced her she cried and in the end vomit. So, out of desperation I call her pediatrician who has been really helpful. First he said that I can use any means so long as I can get the medicine in. Put it in her food, mix it with her drinks, but all of this has downside and I read many articles that strongly disapprove to these.


Those are the draft of my post dated as far as 2011. I decided to post it now since I want to share what happened next.

Out of my confusion I then brought her back to the pediatrician. I can feel that he was irritated to see me back. It was then that he dropped the comment that haunted me.

I was so shocked and was in tears. He maybe rite, but his comments was the last thing that I need at that time.

Thankfully, at that time with the help of Hita’s nanny we managed to persuade her to finish drinking the tea that we have mixed with the medicine.

But I then decided to change Pediatrician. I want to have someone that can emphatize with my situation. I found a female pediatrician that happened to be a mother of two. She was more patience. From her I learned that there were types of medicine that is very bitter. So she would use less bitter one. She also suggest I put glucose syrup so my daughter would not feel the bitter meds.
It was such a great relieve for mw and my family.

So for all the moms out there who share the same problem, I am with you. Hang in there. Make sure you have the best support system be it a doctor, family or friends to talk to when you are confused.




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