Some theories I can Never Do in Practice

Yes, I am a lecturer and I happen to teach Supply Chain Management Course. Some of the theories in SCM is actually quite applicable to real life. But there are a lot of things that I teach but I can never apply in real life.

First, a simple inventory management that says you really need to have the right amount of inventory. Too much means you are actually spending too much resources that you can actually spend on something else. When you have limited capacity, it means we have to prioritize what to keep…

I know this by heart, but I could never practice it. I know that keeping so many things mean that I would run out of place to keep them. I also need to spend a lot of energy keeping it in a good condition and organizing it.

I am such a keeper that I kept so many things ranging from old bills to souvenirs.

Discount and discount. I know that when an item is discounted it means that there is something wrong in their supply chain..But hey, I cant help it. Its like I didnt think of why it get discounted, I just see it as a good buy…


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