Great Victory at Home from Owi/Butet and Minions

Its been a few days since the hustle and bustle of Indonesia Open Super 1000 Jakarta. So, the euphoria surrounding Owi/Butet and Minions won has slowly disappeared.

But, I just have to write it down.

What a contrasting two weeks for Indonesian Badminton Lover. Two weeks a go in Malaysia Open Super 700 we were totally crushed.

Then, we had a blast at home!

Indonesia Open Super 1000 was back at infamous Istora Senayan, after relocating to JCC last year. Istora was famous for many reasons. Many players looked forward to play to the very lively crowd. This year was no different, if not better. The seats were full packed from day one! They also have livestreaming from most courts, so I can treated my disappointment for not being able to watch live.

Our players, except for womens and mens single did very well. Unfortunately two of my idols, Hendra/Ahsan a.k.a. the Daddies and Kevin/Gideon a.k.a. the Minions must face each other in the first round 😵😵 Minions won and went on to the next rounds. Angga/Ricky and Fajar/Rian played well too. Minions beat yet again Fajar/Rian in the quarterfinal.

Then in semifinal, they faced one of their toughest opponent, Duo Mads from Denmark. The game was really tight technically. There was no denying minions speed. But Duo Mads also have their tactics to keep Minions pressured. In an incident that is still trending up to today, Kevin thought that his smash hit one of the mads body. But they did not acknowledge this. They even want to challenge. The referee argued that he did not see it. Linesman called it out so minions challenged…and protested hard. Kevin clearly disappointed, made emotional gestures. The referee almost gave the minions a yellow card. It rarely happened in Badminton. And thankfully it did not happen and minions carried on to win the game.

In the mixed double sector, Hafiz/Gloria and Ricky/Debby played well in the first two rounds to advance to the quarterfinal when they finally had to face each other. Hafiz/Gloria had an epic win against their Riky/Debby. But they must face Owi/Butet in the semifinal and must admitted that the Olympic Champion is playing at their best performance.

Owi/Butet, actually had bad records playing at Istora. They won so many tournaments including last year Indonesia, but NOT AT ISTORA. So the media branded “the curse” of Istora.

The final day was arrived. The Istora was full with badminton fan. The organizer had a great opening. All the officials of the game wear our national clothes, Batik 👍👍

Owi/Butet faced Chang Pen Soon/Goh Liu Ying from Malaysia who had a great tournament beating the like of Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong in the semifinal.

Owi/Butet played very very well. It appears that their opponent were a little underperformed. After the game Goh said that the crowd was so noisy she can barely heard her partner 🙏😁

So, Liliyana Natsir were quite emotional after clinching the title..she went to hugged her mom. The curse had been broken! She was so happy to do it in what could be her last game in Istora. We will surely miss her. She is a national hero 🇮🇩🇮🇩

Then in the last play of the day, the minions faced young pair from Japan. They proved that they were too fast for their Japanese opponent! The crowd went wild.

The disappointments at Malaysia Open Super 750 are paid off today at Indonesia Open Super 1000. Owi/Butet and The Minions are back at their best! Congrats, great performances and great tournament. Hope to see them on the podium against next month, giving Asian Games gold medals for Indonesia 😇😇😇😇🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩


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