This is my place to record my journeys, in the hope that it could be useful to others.


31 thoughts on “About

  1. as i expected from mrs Mahendrawathi..

    explosive, fun and exaggerrated…


    just kidding mam…

    i always jokes carefully with someone who had PhD behind her name


    1. As I expected from Kiki Ahmadi…
      Straightforward, cheeky but true…
      I also joke carefully with someone who has “Linux” for his email address (peace!) 🙂

  2. Great background Mom 🙂
    The building is seem so high, can we go to the upmost building? 😐
    (i think) the view seems great from there … 🙂

  3. 2 MW & 2 Linux

    I’ll never joke with someone who has both PhD ‘and’ linux in part of his/her name, email, nick, etc.

    – ‘linux’ has to get PhD soon

    – and ‘PhD’ has to learn linux soon


  4. 2 Faizal: hmmmm…linux seems a little far for me rite now 🙂
    2 wanprabu: thanks for the support hahaha
    2″Pak” Ahmad Mukhlason: thanks for stopping by!

    1. Wow, thanks a lot for stopping by…
      I will add yours to my blog too, as soon as i got a hang of these things 😀

    1. Wow, welcome to this blog Sulthan!
      Khabar baiiik…kamu gimanaa? Kok ga pernah beredar nih…
      Hehehe…jangan gitu, ntar kalo kamu mulai ngomong tentang coding2 saya juga ga mudeng 😛 Perasaan khan emang km sering ga nyambung sama saya…hayoo ngakuu (peace!)

  5. Ampuun, aku ngaku deh ^_^. Kabar saya luar biasa :D. Saya selalu beredar kok, cuma peredarannya nyasar ke daerah barat. Waduh… bu Mahe kok jadi pake bahasa Indonesia ya… kayaknya tulisanku jadi mengacaukan blog ibu nih, maap maap

  6. mom, where u get the background image? from postcart or camera? is it single frame or not?

    where is it? tanah lot? nice image… 😀
    hmm… want 2 go there… (*dream mode*)

    1. Yup, you’ve got good eyes 😉 It is Tanah Lot…what camera? Just an old camera, I dont even know if its a single frame or not 😀

  7. whew, accidentally blogging and give comments everywhere, here I am.. find my lecturer’s blog.. though I was almost 3 years of college.. :mrgreen:

  8. 😀 Wow… doing blog walking and find Mrs.Mahendra’s blog… May I add your blog to my blogroll, mam?

    Btw it’s a little difficult because I should write comment in English here. “I can do it! I can do it!”
    Thank you, mam!

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