What’s in the name?

Mahendrawathi ER. That is the official name that appears on my birth certificate and all other official documents. Some of you might wonder what is the “ER” stands for? Some just accept it as my name (so teasingly call me and my sibblings, ER, ER :p), some are more curious and guess that it is some sort of an abbreviation. Well, it is actually stands for Erawan, abbreviated by my beloved dad to be ER. As it appeared on my birth certificate then I cant alter it…
My first name is a long one.
Naturally, I have a nickname. My family call me Watik (with a ‘k’) and up to high school all my friend call me with this name..Then, when I studied in Surabaya, somehow, I felt that it is not a distinctive name (yeah, yeah, teenager with their vanity). Cos, so many women in Indonesia has Wati as their surname (though thanks to my mum, mine has ‘h’ in between the t and i :D). So, my friends called me Mahendra, which cause another issues. It sounds like a boy’s name. Some of my closest friend, knowing my tomboyish attitude back then (my love of soccer) invented a new nickname from it (Wima, Takim, wherever u r, dont say it outloud now okay) :):)
The story continues, when I was studying in England…people there find it so hard to say Mahendra. And there werent so many Wathi in England. SO, i was called Wathi…but the “a” is not pronounced “a” it sounds more like Woti hahaha…I got picked up a lot there for my name. Some was surprised that I have such a long first name, but a very short surname. You know that officially there I was called Miss ER. Coincidentally, ER also stand for Elizabeth Regina, which is the name of The Royal Highness The Queen.
Now, in my workplace, my beloved students gave me another nickname. I dont know who and when it started, but I was called “Mahe”. Sometimes it irritates me cos it sounds like “Pahe” hahaha…but, most of the time, I am okay with it…
So, for a simple name, it has quite a story hey 😉


9 thoughts on “What’s in the name?

  1. Hi Wathi!
    Interesting blog! But my point of writing is, I hope you are an old friend I knew. And judging by the name I address you, you probably could guess that I knew you from England!
    Just to be sure, below is some details for counter-checking,
    1) We did master degree in manufacturing system engineering under the 4M school in Nottingham, graduated year 2000. The course director is Dr Mike Byrne
    2) We stayed in Broadgate? I was in flat 96 (they seem to tear it down when I visited the site several years ago)
    3) You went on to do your PhD
    4) I went back to Malaysia, there were two more fellows in our course from Malaysia, KC and Yati.

    I actually went on to work in Hong Kong for Philips Electronic for 4 yrs (2001-2005) before I move to Holland until now.

    Just drop me a mail if you are the Wathi I knew!

    1. Wowww…amazing what the world wide web can do…
      Siew Li…my dear long-lost friend >:D<
      YES to all your questions…I still remember your round the corner flat (its actually quite a dark alley rite)…
      Lets continue to reminisce privately kay 😉

    1. Hehehe, we both know that you are among very few that call me with this “official” name :D…
      But, I have passed that nickname to Hita now…so in a way, I must thank all of you 🙂

  2. And guess how I got here? I was looking for the proper way to quote your work…. It really *is* “ER”, then. 😀

    By the way, interesting blog…. 🙂

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