Lets Give Justice League some Justice!

Long before the buzz about Justice League broke, a little me has already loved Superman.

I read my brother’s comic book about Superman. Then I watched three of the earliest movie starring Christopher Reeve. I know other superheroes from DC such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and The Flash…I also know Marvel’s superhero such as Iron Man, Hulk, Spiderman and all. But to me he is THE Ultimate Superhero. He has all the abilities that we can only imagine: strong as steel, can fly, super hearing, laser eyes and all…But, what I loved most is how he as Clark Kent is portrayed as very human, clumsy and shy, particularly around Loise! Another important aspect of Superman’s story is his close relationship to his adoptive parent Jonathan and Martha Kent. So, whenever a new movie about Superman was released, no matter what the critics say, I just have to watched it.

So, imagined my dismay learning that he was dead in Superman vs. Batman :(( Thankfully, words spread about Justice League and the fact that Henry Cavill was involved in it! At that time, I thought he may appeared in flashback or some other form :))

I read all about the troubles prior to the movie’s release. Zack Snyder, the director stepped down, replaced by Joss Whedon who decided to re-shot some of the scenes. Then, Henry Cavill who is cast for another role that require him to grow a mustache, but not allowed to shave it during the re-shot of Justice League, so his face need to be edited with computer technology. Yes, read it all.

Then, early screening review showed a good sign. The trailer blazzing with a song from The Beatles – Come Together. All the superheroes looked grand. But, after the release the critics at Rottentomatoes certifiy the movie as rotten. Did it deter my plan to watch it? NO.

I went to watch it in late November. Yes, it is not a cinematic masterpiece. They must spend some time to introduce The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. So, there are not enough scenes that explore the relationship among the heroes.

But, I thoroughly enjoy it because some of these things.

1. Superman gets to show all his power. *spoiler alert* I really enjoyed the scenes where Superman get to spar with his Justice League team mates. I think it was beautifully done.

I tried hard to notice the CGI-edited moustache in Henry Cavill’s face, but i think I didnt look that bad. If I didnt read it on the news I would not noticed it at all.

2. Wonder Woman is awesome. Beside Superman I agreed with many of the critics that Wonder Woman really is a breath of fresh air in the world of male superheroes. All her fight scenes are really cool and she has a very beautiful accent and piercing look.

3. The Flash reallg is funny. Seeing Ezra Miller, the actor who played the Flash in the pictures, i didnt really get why all the critics have been praising Miller as scene stealers. But after seeing the movie I totally agree. He was really the joker in the gang and gave a much needed lightness compared to the brooding Batman, rocker Aquaman, sad Cyborg and serious Wonder Woman. The post credit scene between The Flash and Superman is worth seeing!

So, all in all, I am entertained. At the end of the days it is all that matter for us movie goers, right?

Will I watch the next Superman outing? For sure πŸ™‚


Set it All Free via Sing

We really loveΒ the Movie Sing. The story itself is simple, but since my two girls really love animals they get really excited to see them sing. The plot is so relevant since there are so many so talent competition on TV right now. There are also a lot of lovable characters. Buster the Panda that own a teather, Gunter the over-excited Pig, Rosita the over-worked Mom of 25 piglets (this itself get them giggles), Meena the shy elephant, Ash the punk rocker porcupine, Johnny the Gorrila, Ms. Crawley the devoted chameleon and many more.

For me the most interesting thing is the brilliant song choice! We can immediately recognize “Firework” by Katy Perry…but some of the songs are from a different year and even different era. I learned about Beatles’ Golden Slumber because Nana Noodleman sings it in the opening scene. Then there is Elton John’s I’m still standing, Stevie Wonder’s Don’t You Worry Bout a Thing. Not to mention the songs from the audition. While I wont introduce the entire Crazy Town’s Butterfly to my girls, the movie cut to the perfect part. The fishes singing Beyonce’s Crazy in Love and the Red Panda girls that sing Kira Kira Killer are spot on. I think the writers really did a good job scouring and picking the songs and matching them with the characters of the movie.

The icing on the cake for us is the only original song in the movie. Yup, Set it All Free by Ash. My girls see her as a really cool girl. So, we really love to watch her sing it. After watching the movie we resort to youtube to watch Ash’s part. But, we came across the cover of Set it All Free by Sam Tsui & Madilyn Bailey. While Scarlett Johansson’s vocal is perfect to capture Ash’s strong and feisty character, we really enjoy the softer take of Sam and Madilyn πŸ™‚


Terima Kasih Pierre Coffin!

Its school holiday and I must think of many many activities to keep my two angels busy!

Since they watch youtube regularly, I came across the trailers of MINIONS over a month a go. But, I thought that the release date is mid of JULY! So I was really really excited to know that it premier in our nearest theaters today!


I immediately took them to see it…and we started laughing even when the Universal logo appeared on screen ^^ Unlike Descpicable Me and Despicable Me 2 that did not pay particular attention on individual minions. In Minion, we follow three special minions: Kevin – the aspiring leader of the pack, Stuart – the musician and finally the adorable and sweet BOB.

It is difficult for us to understand exactly what the minions are saying, since they have their own language, but we can guess from their behaviors. Don’t try to over analyze the plots as adults or as movie critics, just roll along and let your self go..then you will totally immerse in the minions antics….there are plenty of it too :))

So, Terima Kasih Pierre Coffin, for inventing and voicing the hundreds minions. My girls love them!

In hibernation

Yesss, this blog is in hibernation. The owner is very much occupied with trying real hard to be an Event Organizer. Please check again after November 30th. Promise.

Oh btw. Just watched Big Hero 6, another Disney movie last week with the girls. Surprisingly good, touching and entertaining at the same time. Love Baymax to the Max, wish we can have one πŸ˜‰ Really love the soundtrack too.

How I get to the music that I love

I have always loved Music but I don’t always have the time to really follow the latest one.

Thankfully, music is delivered to various media these days, so eventually good ones will come around πŸ™‚ The keywords is “eventually” because it may not be the current hit song. In fact it might be 1 to 4 years late πŸ˜€

For me, the best chance to get to know the latest music is in the 15 or so minutes I drove my car back and forth from my home to the office or when I drove to do some errands, which is really not that long. But, during that short period, sometimes I got lucky to hear some music that would be my favorite. Just like love at first sight, the best music to me is those that I can really get the moment I heard it.

Back in 2002 I heard the song Drops over Jupiter from Train on the radio. I actually have to called the radio station to know the artist and the title πŸ˜€

Nowadays, it was really easy now to catch just a few phrase of the song and then Googled it to find out who sings it and search on Youtube to watch the music video.

Just like the other day, I suddenly heard this song…

Tell them all I know now
Shout it from the roof tops
Write it on the skyline
all we had is gone now

It was sung wholeheartedly by a guy with a very deep and unique voice. The songs it self was quite easy to catch. I just googled some of the lyrics that I remember and found out that it was originally sung by Shontelle, a female artist around 2010! While her original version was great, I wanted to know the guy who recycled the song. So, I browse through the google search and voila!

Found that it was sung by James Arthur on the final of UK X Factor in 2012. As I watched his performance I was really really moved. The song really blend with his voice. SO It came to my playlist really late πŸ˜€

If not through the radio, sometimes I got to know good music through other media. Top of the list would be Movies! Yes, good movies typically comes with good music. For example, watching Frozen really get me (and my girls) singing “Let it Go” and “Do you wanna build a Snowman”.

Another mean would be award ceremonies. During the Oscar ceremonies I watched Pharrell Williams got everyone dancing with his song “Happy” from Despicable Me. Actually, I have watched Despicable Me 2 with my girls so many time, but I did not noticed the song….so, at that time, I was rooting for Idina Menzel’s Let it Go for “Original Score from the Movie” and it did. But now I really cant get the song out of my head πŸ˜€

Clap Along if You Feel Like a Room without a Roof!!

Finally, I get introduced to the latest hit through entertainment news! I for example get to know Sara Barailles “Brave” because it was compared to Katy Perry’s “Roar”. I also get intrigued to listen to Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” because it was heavily cited in the news.

How do you get your music??

32.5 Celcius in Surabaya, Yet Completely “Frozen”

LOVE can Melt a Frozen Heart

Ever since we went to watch Disney’s latest movie Frozen at the cinema, my girls and I have really gotten Frozen-Frenzy πŸ˜€

Completely Frozen by it
Completely Frozen by it

Tangled set the bar really high even for Disney. But Frozen certainly more than live up to the expectation. The movie was really entertaining. It has all the good elements of a Disney classics. At the center is of course a royal princess. Wait, not just one but two princesses. To me, what I can relate most from the movie and sets it apart from the rest of the Disney’s franchise is the relationships between the two princesses. I have a sister and we were really close. So, imagining that as sisters we have to be kept apart for years was really really sad. Call me sentimental but without knowing, I shed a few tears during the movie.

But, its not all sad…Just like Tangled has Pascal and Maximus to provide all the laughs, Frozen has the hug-worthy Olaf the Snowman, Svenn the Reindeer and the trolls to create the funny moments. The Princess love interests are a little extraordinary too…if Rapunzel end up with a thief turn hero, Flynn a.k.a. Eugene Fitzherbert then we saw a twist in Frozen from the typical prince (Prince Hans) to the awkward yet noble Kristoff. As if to teach us that nobility are not always inherited in your genes..

The animation were really beautiful. I especially love the scenes when Elsa build the Ice Castle πŸ˜€

Then the icing of the cake must be the wonderful soundtrack. There’s the powerful anthem of Let It Go. It’s full of energy and completely blend with Elsa’s transformation. Both Ratih and Hita loves the song so much. Ratih can even sing and imitate the entire Elsa’s action while singing the song. From the running part when she sang “Let it Goo..let it gooo…” and started building staircases…up to the closing “The Cold never bothered me anyway”. Even Hita, my younger girl who is just 3 year and 7 months, also sings it with her lovely toddler voice.

Apparently my girls are not alone…Check this video on how a 9-year old sings the song beautifully πŸ˜€


The other tunes such as “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman” also got my two girls singing πŸ™‚ They will take turn to sing Elsa’s and Anna’s part.

Thoroughly, enjoyable piece of Disney! Cant wait for another Disney outing πŸ˜€

Two Princesses and a Snowman
Two Princesses and a Snowman