Me and Famous Landmarks

Every famous place has its landmark. A visit to a famous place would not be complete if you have not taken a picture of “the” landmark.

I have been quite privileged to be able to visit some of the most famous places in the world and here is my collection…


There were plenty of other landmarks that I had of England and London in particular, but I took them with an old camera. So, to put them up I must scanned them like this one here.

Me with the iconic London’s Telephone

I hope that I can visit London again one day 🙂


I think that this landmark need no introduction. So happy to take it when the light was lit
Champs Ellyssee
Colorful window of Notre Damme


The Colloseum
Imagine that this was once the arena where Gladiators fought against lions?


The Vatican and the Pope was actually there...
The Vatican and the Pope was actually there…


The Petronas Tower


Some might argue that Merlion is the most iconic landmark of Singapore. But Marina sandsbay is equally great


I visited several states and each equally interesting.

Washington D.C.

The most famous house in the world

Boston, Massachusetts

Massachusets Institute of Technology


Chicago Navy Pier

San Fransisco

This one is probably the most precious pictures that I got during my visit to USA. First time we could not get a picture of the bridge it was really foggy. As we drove we kept trying to get a picture until finally we got a perfect spot to get this one.


Asiatique, a busy shopping area in Bangkok


Kumamoto Castle