Why Change is So Hard?

As a human we don’t live in an empty space…We live in our environment. Unless you are an exceptional human being, most people tend to conform with their environment. It does not mean that we are happy with it. Most of us just don’t wanna face the hardship of changing. We fear the unknown. Its a natural trait.

Last year I had an opportunity to teach Change Management course. One of the book that I used isΒ  Cadle and Yates. One of the things that they proposed is a Change Equation that goes as follow:

D x V x F must be greater than R

This equation means that for a change to happen the Dissatisfaction (D) of current situation times the Vision of what could happen (V) times the achievable First Step (F) must be greater than the Resistance to Change.

Lets take an example. Say that you are unhappy with your current job. But, you would not change to another job if the level of your dissatisfaction of your current situation is great enough, or if you don’t have ideas whether other jobs would be better (more beneficial) for you, or if you do not think that the first steps on the way to get the new job is easy enough.

Now, that is only you against yourself. Consider if the change involve several people, an entire organization or even an entire country. We can now see, why Change in a certain environment would be difficult. Some people may be dissatisfied with the current situation, but then again some might not. Some may have different visions. Finally, some may willing to go the extra miles to get to their vision. Some may not.

But should we do nothing?

One of my lecturer once said, you probably cannot build an entire wall by yourself. But you can certainly help by putting one brick.

I guess, if we cannot change others, at least we can change ourselves. For the better of course.

Stay positive!



Create Good Karma

If you cant move the entire mountain, do you give up and run away? Or do you take one small step at a time to climb the mountain until you realized that you get to the other side without actually move the mountain.

If you are on a ship going somewhere and suddenly you realized that the captain has lost his compass. He no longer knows which direction to go. What do you do? Just go with the flow wherever it takes you even with the risk of sinking in the storm? Or do you try with your fellow passengers to save the ship no matter how difficult it is?

Every little step count

Every little effort will make a different

Because every thing that you do will get you somewhere, rather than keep you standing still

Life is about moving. Its about creating Karma.

So keep on moving and create good Karma.


Redefine Success

What is your definition of success?

These past few days, I got to think about it a lot. In many ways people associate success with being rich. But then I came across this touching short video about a Singaporean Father and Son…This video has gone viral..

In one part, the son ask his dad “why are we not rich?” and then the Father replied “Hey, who says we are not rich?”

Being Rich, is not about how much we have, but how much you give. Somehow, when you give, you’ll be HAPPIER”

Then, as I prepare myself to give a welcome speech for my students who graduate today, I searched for some wise words for the occasion. I came across so many great quotes from great people such as Steve Jobs, Judy Garland, Eleanor Roosevelt and many more.

But, what really stuck in my mind is the quotes from the late Albert Einstein

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

While being rich most probably means you are successful in doing something. Being a valuable human being does not require you to be rich. Just like the father in the short film. He’s not rich but he had certainly bring a lot of value to the people around him. It is such a shame that his son did not understand his value until he passed away…

So, let’s ask our self, how can we be of value to some one else?

What do you say after a long blog-comma?

Well Helloo My long suffering blog?!!!???!!!
It certainly has been a while since I posted here.
and if I have to tell you why this has been the case I would blame it to some changes in my personal life that is too complex to mention here. Even if I try to explain it, it would come across as an excuse. Afterall, I started blogging because I wanna share my thoughts. So does it mean that I have NOT been thinking? NO, but I do find it hard to find time to write and thruthfully, I feel like I dont have anything worth writing.
so why have I decided to write again…certainly because there are some things that I am just dying to tell you about…something to do with my personal life, a little music and of course movie!
What is it then, you just have to wait and see πŸ˜‰ that If you and I dont suddenly loose interest again πŸ˜€

Catching up

Huaaahhh, its been too long since my last post, so I can barely start to tell you what has happened since then.
Just a quick note to say that I am still alive and kicking just currently trying so hard to catch up with everything since returning to work from my leave. Hopefully, can write something good soon πŸ˜€

Hakuna Matata

Where do these words come from???
Well, it appeared in one of Disney’s best animation the Lion King. Its a Swahili phrase that means “there are no worries” or in short “no worries”.
Simple, but it got me thinking.
How wonderful it would be if we could live our life with no worries.
I know that it would be impossible to literally have NO worries at all. We are only human, rite. And it is especially true for me…I think I always have worries. Well, maybe because I am a thinker. If I think about something then I worry about it. When I was a student, I worry if I could not get my assignment on time…I worry if I could not do the tests…Sometimes I envy my friends that seem to have no worries or so it seems πŸ˜€
But then, with time I learn that worrying is counter-productive. We usually worry if we feel that we do not know what is going to happen. So, there is 50-50 chance that things would turn out the way we want it or it can go totally wrong. If we cant do anything to change the result then all we can do is hope for the best. Or, if we can actually do something about it (like studying for the test) then worrying without doing anything to increase our chance of success would be meaningless. We would be better of trying than worrying rite?
Hakuna Matata πŸ™‚