ARISAN – Indonesian Social Gathering

Another weekend, another non work related days…today

Long before the emergence of social media, Indonesian people has a traditional form of social gathering called Arisan. It is usually done by a group of people who shares the same background or interest, most commonly people who lives in the same neighborhood, work mates, class mates, etc.

When I was a little girl, my mum would take to go to Arisan with her colleagues (She is a lecturer). I remembered being really confused about the concept. You and the member of Arisan, will put a certain amount of money that you agreed. The coordinator will take the money, draw a lot to determine which member will take home the money. For more articulate explanation of Arisan please check this article:

I have several Arisan Group. One at work, one at home and one with a Hindu community. So almost every month there is Arisan to attend to. I am not that diligent though, I often miss the meeting. Sometimes, the Arisan is also filled with talks about health, parenting, cooking etc.

Nowadays, many of the Arisan are supported and to some extent replaced by Social Media. My Arisan group has a WhatsApp Group and Facebook group too 😊

But, there are some things that Social Media can’t replaced…that is the food served and the warmth of the embraced 🤗