Back to Work

All good holiday must come to an end.

After twelve days in Bali, finally we are back to work.

But this holiday I managed to accomplish two things that I set out to do.

First is to catch up with my crocheting. I managed to create two hats. Well they were too small so I will use them as baskets.

Secondly, I managed to blog more. First only several sentences. But as soon as I started rolling, all the posts come naturally. I wrote about Bali countryside and our experience at Blangsinga and Tegenungan Waterfall.

Then I realized that I have lots of unfinished posts. When I started writing again about a week a go, I have over 30 drafts!! Some are nearly completed just need some finishing touches i.e. adding pictures such as this post about Surabaya. So, in no time I add some pictures and post it 😁

Some ideas in the draft also overlap. This means that I really want to write about them but it was a tough subject so I could not finish it the first time. I left it but instead of finish it I ended up writing another draft. For example, I have two drafts about lecturing. I deleted one draft and tried to put all the ideas that I can to post this one. Its not perfect, but I think I better get it posted rather than leaving it as a draft.

I think that is one of the reason I have so many unfinished stuffs. I wanna make it perfect but I dont have enough perseverence and time to get it to my own standard.

Some drafts are as far back as 2011. Sometimes I started writing a post when I experience something important that I wanna share it. But, since it was so long a go it is really difficult to recall what I think or feel back then. Take this post about my struggle to feed medicine to a toddler. It was such a traumatic experience for me. I dont know why I did not finish the post at that time, most probably because I got tied up with something else. This time I really really forced myself just to post it. Maybe not as detailed as it would have been if I posted it right at that time, but the main message still the same.

Then, I also have many posts related with work that I wrote during my time as administrator. Again, these are tough topic to write in comparison with travelling experiences. But, I managed to finish these posts too. I think it is better to get it posted, rather than writing a great post. The first post about my experience of being an event organizer. There were so many little details that I left out because I just cant recall them.

There were also experiences that I really really wish I had written. That is my experience during IVLP trip to US. I managed to write about Washington during the trip. But then I left it out for too long. Then I posted about Chicago followed by Boston.

So all in all, I came out with these tips to write a blog post:

  • If you want to write about your experience write it as soon as you experience it. If you dont have time to write a full length post at the time just write the key points then save it in a draft.
  • As soon as you have time finish the draft.
  • Set a specific amount of time for you to write say about 30 minutes. Force yourself to finish it within the set time.
  • Aim to finish rather than the quality

Happy blogging!!!


End of 2017 Reflection: My Blogging Activities

In the beginning of the year I wrote a blog entitled Why i dont have time to blog in 2016. It was a post written out of guilt that i did not post that much in 2016. I concluded the post with this wish:

Hope 2017 will bring better posts!

Now that 2017 almost come to an end I can say that I could not fulfil my own wish :((

I dont know about the quality of the posts, because I dont have specific measure for them. But, I can say that I failed in terms of consistencies.

According to the insights from WordPress I only posted in four months in 2017: January, July, November and December. These are the holiday period when the girls are on holiday and i was having break from teaching. November was an exception because at that time I got a new motivation to write after listening to a talk from Tere Liye.

My initial thoughts on this is: I am not a multitasker. During school period and term time I am focusing a lot on the girls and my work.

But, I have around 16 – 17 hours a day. Surely I can sneak out some me time. Then I started to analyse more on how I use my me time. First thing that i realized is that in between working on my laptop I regularly checked entertainment news from T.T. Starting from the front page, then reading the news that interest me then it can lead to many other clicks and read. If there are quizzes based on recent entertainment news ill take my chances and compete 😀

Although I dont use social media that much anymore, it may also steals a lot of my me time. WhatsApp is the biggest stealer. I have so many WhatsApp Group ranging from work, family, friends, parents group (one each for Ratih and Hita) so checking up and replying them can take a lot of time too. Then, I used twitter to follow on Badminton news and several researchers who works in my research area. I occasionally catched up with friends via Facebook. I also use LinkedIn, but I consider it as work more than social activities. I do not have an exact number, but I am pretty sure that it’s a lot!

Then come another issue. Even if I have the time, it wont automatically translate to more active blogging. I am probably a slow and picky writer. Whenever I have an idea for a blog post it takes a lot of time until I am happy to publish it. I have a lot of drafts in my blog. Some are several years old 😦

Now that I understand this, my new year resolution are:

1. Limit my social media activities perhaps by checking them at a certain time and for a certain period only

2. Allocate some of the time saved from social media activities to write blog posts

3. Aim to finish the post rather than prematurely judging them. Re-write when needed.

Sounds like a good plan. All I need now is a target. This year I made 24 post (including this one). But that is only written in four months. I want to have at least three posts each month. So the target is to have 36 posts next year!

6000+ Views in 2014!

When I started this blog in 2009, I just want to record my journeys, my thoughts and stuffs. But, as I started writing, I realized the power of blogging. How, a topic like JICA Kyushu International Center, Tabuhan Island can be searched by so many people from all over the world. I may have not write as much as I want to, still have so many post in my drafts, but I check my blog regularly.

Earlier this year I noticed that I got so many views…and my competitive side get the best out of me…I was hoping that this year my blog will get 6000 views..

..and tada!! I check on the last day of 2014, and found out that it has reached over 6000!

Thank you so much WordPress, and all of you who have come and read this blog. You have given me the best end of year gift 😉

Blog Stats 2014


The power of a Unique Topic for Blogging

I started blogging in January 2009 just before I went for two-weeks training in Japan. Japan is such a unique country so I thought I would experience so many interesting things and therefore I must record them somehow. At the same time I hoped that my writings can be useful for others.

Since then, blogging has been one of my hobby beside watching movies and listening to music 🙂 I didn’t write regularly, but I really love checking out my Blog dashboard every now and then. An interesting fact that I learned is that most of my blog visitor came through search engine. The keyword is usually relates to “JICA Kyushu International Center” or “JICA Kitakyushu”. I happened to stayed there in the beginning and the end of my training, so I wrote a little post with a picture of me and several new friends that I met there in my blog.

After a year or so, I realized that there have not a lot of information around for JICA Kyushu International Center, or perhaps the information available is written in Japanese. My blog got a lot of traffic mainly because of one post. So I wrote a longer post with more information about JICA Kyushu International Center in Kitakyushu Japan. I got several people that is about to go there or those that have stayed there before contacting me over my post 🙂

Just recently I added a map of the center so I have three posts related to one specific subject. Every week there are always people checking out my blog for information on that. Even more interestingly is when I looked at the country that the visitors came from…

What a spread, right? It really is amazing how a unique topic is searched by so many people all over the world 🙂

What do you say after a long blog-comma?

Well Helloo My long suffering blog?!!!???!!!
It certainly has been a while since I posted here.
and if I have to tell you why this has been the case I would blame it to some changes in my personal life that is too complex to mention here. Even if I try to explain it, it would come across as an excuse. Afterall, I started blogging because I wanna share my thoughts. So does it mean that I have NOT been thinking? NO, but I do find it hard to find time to write and thruthfully, I feel like I dont have anything worth writing.
so why have I decided to write again…certainly because there are some things that I am just dying to tell you about…something to do with my personal life, a little music and of course movie!
What is it then, you just have to wait and see 😉 that If you and I dont suddenly loose interest again 😀