My passion for travel is pretty much forged from my upbringing. My parents always takes us travelling whenever they can. Born and bred in Bali helps too..we were never short of interesting destinations to visit 🙂

After obtaining my first degree I got the opportunity to study in England. That was the biggest milestone in my life so far. It gave me so many things…and got me to so many beautiful places.

Here are some of the memorable places that I have lucky enough to visit (excluding those in Bali!)

1. Nottingham

The Trent Building at Nottingham University

2. Paris

Eiffel Tower

3. Rome

4. Eindhoven

5. Singapore

6. Surfer’s Paradise


13 thoughts on “Travel

  1. ————————————————————————->
    ——————–I dont like this picture————————–>

  2. pergi ke Roma, hmm.. itu impian tania 🙂
    Ibu, suatu saat nanti kita harus bertukar pendapat mengenai kota Roma ya 🙂
    Ibu harus memberi tau tania tempat-tempat bagus di Roma 🙂

  3. 2Noval: YUP! For a soccer fan, Europe is THE place to visit, every city that you visit will remind you of a soccer club 🙂 Eindhoven is a small city, but every soccer fan know PSV Eindhoven, rite 🙂 Go and make your dream come true!!

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