East Java

Yeah…after Japan, there is no future trip abroad 😀
But, fear not, there are plenty of things to see around me..Yeah, try to be positive…as wise men say happiness is a state of mind. So be happy wherever you are 😉
Last year, I (or we) manage to travel to several places in East Java including Pacet, Batu, and Trawas.

We went to Pacet in May and stayed at Sativa Sanggraloka. I have visited this hotel before during a work meeting. Yeah, thats one of the advantages that I could get from work, sometimes business is added with a little pleasure 😀 I was so impressed with the “ancient” atmosphere offered by the hotel that I took my family back. The Hotel or should I said cottages took homage to the Majapahit traits. So, expect a lot of statues, ponds with water lilies (lof it so!!), carefully crafted ornaments…The room is huge! It also offers lots of facilities, swimming pool, kids indoor playground, outdoor park, karaoke, so there are plenty things to do. The room rent include breakfast, but not dinner. If peace and quiet with a touch of tradition is what you are looking for this is the place. Its a shame that I could not explore the ancient ruin of Majapahit, which is closeby actually…

Fountain of goddesses
Water lily blooms at Sativa's Pond

Batu, Malang
Batu is certainly one of the most popular getaway for people of Surabaya. So, one long weekend last year we went there and stayed at Royal Orchids. The room in this hotel is not as unique as the one at Sativa. But, the food is great 😀 The room rates include evening snack, buffet dinner and breakfast! So for an upgrade in your diet, stay in this hotel. Owh, and during dinner and breakfast there was entertainment too…

Mountain view from Royal Orchids
Lovely Orchids arrangement

In recent months I visited Trawas twice. First, with my family as we went to Taman Safari Prigen.

Front view of Vanda Gardenia Trawas

The second one is in early January with colleagues for another work meeting (yeah, lucky me). This time we stayed at Grand Trawas, and it was Grand indeed. The landscape was fascinating and I really love the mountain scenery from the poolside…
I lof it so much that I use it as my custom header 🙂

Breathtaking view of the mountain from Grand Trawas

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