Great Victory at Home from Owi/Butet and Minions

Its been a few days since the hustle and bustle of Indonesia Open Super 1000 Jakarta. So, the euphoria surrounding Owi/Butet and Minions won has slowly disappeared.

But, I just have to write it down.

What a contrasting two weeks for Indonesian Badminton Lover. Two weeks a go in Malaysia Open Super 700 we were totally crushed.

Then, we had a blast at home!

Indonesia Open Super 1000 was back at infamous Istora Senayan, after relocating to JCC last year. Istora was famous for many reasons. Many players looked forward to play to the very lively crowd. This year was no different, if not better. The seats were full packed from day one! They also have livestreaming from most courts, so I can treated my disappointment for not being able to watch live.

Our players, except for womens and mens single did very well. Unfortunately two of my idols, Hendra/Ahsan a.k.a. the Daddies and Kevin/Gideon a.k.a. the Minions must face each other in the first round 😵😵 Minions won and went on to the next rounds. Angga/Ricky and Fajar/Rian played well too. Minions beat yet again Fajar/Rian in the quarterfinal.

Then in semifinal, they faced one of their toughest opponent, Duo Mads from Denmark. The game was really tight technically. There was no denying minions speed. But Duo Mads also have their tactics to keep Minions pressured. In an incident that is still trending up to today, Kevin thought that his smash hit one of the mads body. But they did not acknowledge this. They even want to challenge. The referee argued that he did not see it. Linesman called it out so minions challenged…and protested hard. Kevin clearly disappointed, made emotional gestures. The referee almost gave the minions a yellow card. It rarely happened in Badminton. And thankfully it did not happen and minions carried on to win the game.

In the mixed double sector, Hafiz/Gloria and Ricky/Debby played well in the first two rounds to advance to the quarterfinal when they finally had to face each other. Hafiz/Gloria had an epic win against their Riky/Debby. But they must face Owi/Butet in the semifinal and must admitted that the Olympic Champion is playing at their best performance.

Owi/Butet, actually had bad records playing at Istora. They won so many tournaments including last year Indonesia, but NOT AT ISTORA. So the media branded “the curse” of Istora.

The final day was arrived. The Istora was full with badminton fan. The organizer had a great opening. All the officials of the game wear our national clothes, Batik 👍👍

Owi/Butet faced Chang Pen Soon/Goh Liu Ying from Malaysia who had a great tournament beating the like of Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong in the semifinal.

Owi/Butet played very very well. It appears that their opponent were a little underperformed. After the game Goh said that the crowd was so noisy she can barely heard her partner 🙏😁

So, Liliyana Natsir were quite emotional after clinching the title..she went to hugged her mom. The curse had been broken! She was so happy to do it in what could be her last game in Istora. We will surely miss her. She is a national hero 🇮🇩🇮🇩

Then in the last play of the day, the minions faced young pair from Japan. They proved that they were too fast for their Japanese opponent! The crowd went wild.

The disappointments at Malaysia Open Super 750 are paid off today at Indonesia Open Super 1000. Owi/Butet and The Minions are back at their best! Congrats, great performances and great tournament. Hope to see them on the podium against next month, giving Asian Games gold medals for Indonesia 😇😇😇😇🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩


Not a day for Indonesian Badminton Lover

I know its just a sport.

I also know that there is always win or lose in a sport game.

But when its your player, representing your country, you cannot help but hope for glory.

I am sure all Indonesian Badminton Lover feel sad today.

In between all the hype of FIFA Worldcup, the first tournament after Thomas and Uber Cup in Thailand where our teams also failed to pass through semifinal and quarterfinal, is Malaysian Open Super 750.

It is actually quite a good tournament since it had streaming from all the courts from day 1! But, we lost so many of our players on day 1 and 2.

In day 1, Anthony Ginting played very well in the first set against Kento Momota. But, Kento won the second set and continue to win the match. In the same day, Hardianto and Berry also lost. Then, in day 2, Jonathan Christie, Ahsan/Hendra and Rian/Fajar all lost 😦

So, like many many other occasion, we put our hope on two of our favorite players. Kevin/Marcus and Tontowi/Lilyana.

The drawing put them both in match 2, in different court. So I set my laptop in front of the TV, and watch both game. Sadly, in both game they lost.

Hopefully, they will do better in next week Indonesia Open!

Back to Work

All good holiday must come to an end.

After twelve days in Bali, finally we are back to work.

But this holiday I managed to accomplish two things that I set out to do.

First is to catch up with my crocheting. I managed to create two hats. Well they were too small so I will use them as baskets.

Secondly, I managed to blog more. First only several sentences. But as soon as I started rolling, all the posts come naturally. I wrote about Bali countryside and our experience at Blangsinga and Tegenungan Waterfall.

Then I realized that I have lots of unfinished posts. When I started writing again about a week a go, I have over 30 drafts!! Some are nearly completed just need some finishing touches i.e. adding pictures such as this post about Surabaya. So, in no time I add some pictures and post it 😁

Some ideas in the draft also overlap. This means that I really want to write about them but it was a tough subject so I could not finish it the first time. I left it but instead of finish it I ended up writing another draft. For example, I have two drafts about lecturing. I deleted one draft and tried to put all the ideas that I can to post this one. Its not perfect, but I think I better get it posted rather than leaving it as a draft.

I think that is one of the reason I have so many unfinished stuffs. I wanna make it perfect but I dont have enough perseverence and time to get it to my own standard.

Some drafts are as far back as 2011. Sometimes I started writing a post when I experience something important that I wanna share it. But, since it was so long a go it is really difficult to recall what I think or feel back then. Take this post about my struggle to feed medicine to a toddler. It was such a traumatic experience for me. I dont know why I did not finish the post at that time, most probably because I got tied up with something else. This time I really really forced myself just to post it. Maybe not as detailed as it would have been if I posted it right at that time, but the main message still the same.

Then, I also have many posts related with work that I wrote during my time as administrator. Again, these are tough topic to write in comparison with travelling experiences. But, I managed to finish these posts too. I think it is better to get it posted, rather than writing a great post. The first post about my experience of being an event organizer. There were so many little details that I left out because I just cant recall them.

There were also experiences that I really really wish I had written. That is my experience during IVLP trip to US. I managed to write about Washington during the trip. But then I left it out for too long. Then I posted about Chicago followed by Boston.

So all in all, I came out with these tips to write a blog post:

  • If you want to write about your experience write it as soon as you experience it. If you dont have time to write a full length post at the time just write the key points then save it in a draft.
  • As soon as you have time finish the draft.
  • Set a specific amount of time for you to write say about 30 minutes. Force yourself to finish it within the set time.
  • Aim to finish rather than the quality

Happy blogging!!!

ARISAN – Indonesian Social Gathering

Another weekend, another non work related days…today

Long before the emergence of social media, Indonesian people has a traditional form of social gathering called Arisan. It is usually done by a group of people who shares the same background or interest, most commonly people who lives in the same neighborhood, work mates, class mates, etc.

When I was a little girl, my mum would take to go to Arisan with her colleagues (She is a lecturer). I remembered being really confused about the concept. You and the member of Arisan, will put a certain amount of money that you agreed. The coordinator will take the money, draw a lot to determine which member will take home the money. For more articulate explanation of Arisan please check this article:

I have several Arisan Group. One at work, one at home and one with a Hindu community. So almost every month there is Arisan to attend to. I am not that diligent though, I often miss the meeting. Sometimes, the Arisan is also filled with talks about health, parenting, cooking etc.

Nowadays, many of the Arisan are supported and to some extent replaced by Social Media. My Arisan group has a WhatsApp Group and Facebook group too 😊

But, there are some things that Social Media can’t replaced…that is the food served and the warmth of the embraced 🤗

Lombok: Between Mosque and Beaches

Last February, I got a second chance to visit Lombok. Just like my first, this time it was mainly for work…with a little bit of traveling in the end 🙂

But, unlike my first time in Lombok where I mainly visited cultural site (read about it here) this time around my friends and I stayed in a hotel closed to the airport. The hotel is called D’Praya Hotel.

We arrived on a Friday, so when my colleague when for their Friday prayer, I got to visit a souvenir place. Its a bit early to buy souvenir since we just arrived. We just ended up walking around.

It was not until the following day that we got a chance to explore Lombok. First, we went to Grand Mosque at Islamic Center in Mataram. It is a large mosque with artistic design.

Lombok is known as The Island of a Thousand Mosque. Here is one of the grand mosque at Islamic Center

Our next destination is Tanjung Aan Beach. It is a nice white sand beach. We dont have much time to play around the beach. So I just walked around. There were a lot of children selling souvenir. They also offer to help take various kind of instagrammable pictures. Two of them offered me. But, I was a bit hesitant. Instead I asked them to be my model.

These two boys, Nunjal (front) and Soyong (back) at Tanjung Aan Beach, Lombok offered to take a picture of me pushing the hill…for 5 thousand rupiah pay. But I ended up convince them to pose for me.

From Tanjung Aan, the tour guide took us to Kuta Mandalika Beach. It’s the latest tourist area hailed to be the next Kuta. The beach is quieter and cleaner. The white sand is also similar to Kuta Beach. But the infrastructure is not entirely ready.

Here again, I found myself approached by many kids selling souvenir.

I chatted with two of them that also offered picture services. I knew that I would have to give them something so I might as well gave them a chance to show what they are capable of.

I was quite amazed with the end results. They certainly know how to work out a camera phone.

This one supposedly a two in one pic
This one is a flying pic
I only hoped a bit and it looked like I jumped high 🤣

The next day, its a free day, so I called one of my students who happened to live in Lombok. She took us around Praya.

We visited another mosque, Praya Mosque.

A fine view of Praya Great Mosque
Front view of Praya Great Mosque

Finally we visited a water reservoir before heading back to our hotel.

Lombok feels like Bali decades a go when there were less buildings and more natural sites.

Perhaps that is why the cloud seem a lot closer as if they were hanging from the sky.

My New Interests in Asian Movies and TV Series

I have always loved watching story in the forms of Feature Film or TV Series. Since my humble childhood, I remembered watching Japanese Cartoon, then Chinese Martial Arts series.There were also a point when my aunt and uncle introduced me with Bollywood movies.

As I grew up, I started watching more western (Hollywood and British production) movies and TV Series.

But over the years, my interests has broadened. First was due to the hugely popular Taiwanese TV Series Meteor Garden. At the time, I just came back from England. But, it was so popular that I quickly caught the fever.

Following that, Indonesia was hit by the South Korean Drama (K-Drama) invasion. The most notable among them is Full House. I did not know why I was immune to this drama. I never get to watch it fully.

My first introduction to K-drama happened when I coincidentally switch the channels of my cable TV. I came across a South Korean Drama called The Partner. I did not know who the actors and actress were at the time. But, just as I watched one episode I got hooked and end up watching the entire series!

Still, that was not enough to persuade me to fully embraced the K-drama fever. Partly because I tried hard to resist myself. I know once I watched a single episode I will get hooked and must watch them all at once. Such is the irresistible power that I prefer not to start at all.

I prefer to go back to my old territory of Hollywood movies and TV series. Until about a year a go. During our trip to Singapore, my younger daughter Hita got a fever. So, we ended up just staying in the hotel while Ratih went to Universal studio with her dad. Hita was asleep so I switched on the TV. I came across another K-Drama, Healer. And again, I just cant resist to continue watching. After that, I watched The legend of the Blue Sea, Suspicious Partner, My Love from the Star and Descendant of the Sun.

I often asked  myself:

What is it about this K-Drama that made it so irresistible?

I think one of the main strength of K-Drama is the lightness and bubblegum feeling that the drama created. K-Drama series typically starred by good looking actors and actresses. Most of the time, they have very cute and sweet behavior (I wonder if the South Korean people also behave that way in reality?). The setting can vary from legal, movie industry, restaurant, hotel, architecture, you name it, they have it.

But the main feature is the believable characters. In Telenovela or Indonesian Drama, the characters are mostly portrayed as black and white. The good is very good, the bad is very bad with over the top acting. But in K-Drama, the characters feel like they are actually human being, just like us. The main protagonist can be seen as a little ditzy and dirty (Suspicious Partner) or self-centered (My Love from the stars). It is also often the case when the female protagonists involved in altercation with their competitors.

Then, the creator not just go to great details for the main characters, but also for supporting characters. In most of the drama that I watched, there are always extended characters from father, mother, friends, colleagues. Together, they created a world that we would like to join in.

Finally, the story line. Its not as dramatic as Bollywood movies, or explosive as Hollywood. But, I find that the typical story line is engaging and intriguing but also not too heavy. So, it is enough to get the audience engaged right away till the end. Owh, another thing is, the drama is usually 16 episodes or 20 episodes long. So, it wont dragged on and on (we know some Indonesia series that go on until over 200 episodes!)

Now, the title is Asian Drama and Series. So, its not just about South Korean. Last time after I finished watching one full K-drama, I tried not to watch another. So, I switched the TV on. I found one channel that shows selected movies from across Asia. I came across a Thai movie titled “I Fine…Thank You…Love You”. It was really really funny…and very light. Good if you want to escape for a while. I also watched another Thai movie titled “Single Lady”. Just like the first movie, it is equally funny and easy to follow.

After that, I kept checking at the channel to find if there are more movies that I can watch. I ended up watching two Japanese Teenage Movie called “Wolf Girl and Black Prince” and “One Week Friends”. Both movie’s story line are quite simple. Yet, I quite enjoyed watching them, because the way the characters behave are very Japanese. The emphasis on always tell the truth and be honorable are something that I really admire.

So, I am determined to watch more movies from other countries. That way, I can learn about the country’s culture.

My personal guide of lecturing


April this year I have lectured for 12 years. I have taught various subjects in undergraduate courses and master courses.

Based on this experience, I would like to share some of my personal guide of lecturing and delivering a course.


Last semester i taught postgraduate degree course on Project and Change Management. One of the thing that the reference stated intrigued me:

If you don’t have a time to plan, then plan to fail

When I just started lecturing, I did not pay enough attention on planning the course. Yes, I have a course outline, but I did not plan in detail the learning outcome for each meeting, the assessment and course work. So, I have to play catch up every time I must give a lecture. Plus, the end of terms marking became so unbearable.

Now, I really forced myself to plan the course beforehand down to a single assessment. Every time a course work is submitted or assessments are conducted I tried to assess them straight away. This way I can provide feedback to the students about their work and I can also spread the load of the marking.

Know the materials

As part of planning the course, I first make sure that I know the materials that I will deliver. Obviously, you will be more comfortable teaching a subject that you know well. But even then you might need to update some of the materials to reflect current trend. I have taught Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Resource Planning Courses for years, but I try to renew the materials each time I will deliver the courses. Then, you might also want to adjust the coursework and assessment.

If you are delivering a course that you are unfamiliar with, the planning will take longer. Last year I must teach Writing and Scientific Method course. It was quite challenging because some of the materials include philosophy of science. I must try real hard to learn about it first, before teaching.

Enlist some Help

During the planning stage, you might also want to consider to enlist the help that you might need. I usually enlist the help of senior students for grading some coursework, as well as assistant for practice and laboratory work.

Delivering the Course

Know your audience

Now that we have the plan, its time to deliver the lecture. In the early days of my teaching, I did not think knowing the audience will be important. But, one time, I must teach a master degree course in front of all male participants and one of them happen to be a senior lecturer in my department. It was quite shocking for me…fortunately, the senior lecturer can sense my nerve and I then just put the cat out of the bag by acknowledging that I am actually quite nervous 🙂

Since then I always make sure that I know the participants before I started. This way, I can mapped them out and can customize the course according to their needs. Delivering the same course to a different audience may require different strategy.

Develop your own style 😉

I tend to make my class quite relax. I also break the pace of the classes with a lot of exercises and discussion. I make sure that I give a lot of examples that the students can relate too. If not, you will end up talking to yourself while the students thinking about their lunch or dinner. But, this one is a personal preference. I know some lecturer who still write on the boards and have their back against the students throughout most of the lecturer.

I also try to remember the students name. Then I can make sure their engagement. You know sometimes you ask a question and nobody answer. If you remember their names, then you can start calling them one by one. This is one of my trick for class involvement. I chose the sleepy one, the quiet one or the joker one. Even if their answer is way off the target, at least it will keep them awake and encourage other to join in.

Prepare for the unknown

Plan is there to guide you. But, circumstances vary a lot. One time, I must stop my class because I discovered some students are forging their signature. Yes, the system in Indonesia still count students attendance. Another time, the class is so sleepy that I must create a pop quiz to wake them up.

Basically, there is no greater torture than you talking your heart out to a sleepy class.


When you finish the entire lecture, spend some time to evaluate the entire course that you just deliver. Which part is the most challenging, which one need more time, which assessment need adjustment. Then, if you have to deliver the course again next year you can start with a good plan already.

Hope this is useful to you.

As Tim Minchin Life Lessons number 6. Be a Teacher